St. Luke's A.M.E. Church

Client: St. Luke Second Century Fund

Location: 900 New York Street, Lawrence, KS

Use: Worship, Fellowship, Christian Education

Size: 6,140 s.f.

Completion: 2005 - present

In 2010 St. Luke A.M.E. Church will reach its 100th anniversary of being in the building at 9th and New York Street in Lawrence. Since 2002 Hernly Associates has helped the Church and the St. Luke Second Century Fund in an effort to restore the structure to its original Gothic Revival grandeur. Four HTF (Heritage Trust Fund) grant applications have been completed (two funded), an SAT (Save America’s Treasures) grant has been awarded, and numerous local grants have been procured.

Condition Assessment and Preservation Plan

In 2006 Hernly Associates prepared a complete condition assessment and preservation plan which includes as-built drawings, identification and documentation of original building components, code deficiency review, accessibility review, structural review, masonry review, and probable construction cost projections. The final plan is being used as a guide for restoration of the building and as a fund raising tool.

Roof/Ceiling Restoration

In 1972 a flat ceiling was installed in the Sanctuary to stabilize the structure and reduce energy consumption. This obscured the visibility of the original vaulted tin ceiling and the first phase of restoration work, reaching completion in the spring of 2010, removes the flat ceiling and restores the ceiling. An innovative combination of LVL ridge beams and steel frames are concealed within the original wall and ceiling cavities to restore the original vaulted space, which is only interrupted visually by three new tension rods.